Charge larger battery

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Re: Charge larger battery

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You should consider:
Using a bigger part of battery's capacity - does not increase the area which can be mowed
- devreases lifetime of battery
Best implementation in my eyes would be if you can set EndOfCharge-voltage and EndOfMow-Voltage by using the already mentioned manual mode.
if you can decrease end of Charge voltage you can increase battery-lifetime which is optimal at 70% charging and discharging to 30% (ref:Wikipedia; ) In this case there are only 40% of capacity used!!)

At constant power consumtion during work there is also a constant factor ChargingTime/WorkTime what means during a week sum of working time is constant and no function of capacity. In real life there is a Little influence, because during Start and homecoming there is a Little time which is influenced by the count of charging events and therfore a function of used capacity. but this influence is normaly not big enough to be relevant.

if you can stop charging at 19.5 V this should increase LiIon lifetime significantly.


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